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And we said goodbye to each other a month ago!

Often hear – and most of all from certain members of my family – that a pet is not a child, however, the arrival of Benito in my life 8 years ago not only completely changed my routine, but it woke up in me a feeling of excessive and unconditional love; at that moment I felt that my heart had transform and I felt as a “mother” and that this 4-month-old beauty who had just arrived at our house needed my full attention and depended on a large percentage of me.

Source – Ring By M. Agudelo

As the years passed, a feeling of anguish and anxiety began to enter me because for me the time we had left together was running out and soon the time to say goodbye would come. Even so, as a good psychorrigid I already had a ¨master plan¨ armed and visualized with another English Bull Terrier that was a company for Benito in his old age and that in turn Beni was his ¨Sensei¨ and will made the process easier for all of us. One of the purposes of my ¨master plan¨ was to make the day of its departure one not very painful and that my heart would not be destroyed in a thousand pieces.

Source – Ring By M. Agudelo

But as the Rubén Blades <Pedro Navaja> song says: life gives you surprises, life gives you surprises; my meticulously structured, reviewed and visualized plan never came to fruition and against all odds this handsome and I said goodbye a month ago. God, life, the universe, a supreme being or who knows who or what, had very different plans in our lives and one of the greatest learnings for me in this 2020 and of course in general from a personal growth point of view – Detachment.

Source – Ring By M. Agudelo

This beuty during the time we were together not only tested my patience and endurance, It was also a constant source of happiness and enormous company in my lonely moments. Today I have the complete assurance that this Chubby did not come to my life by chance and without extending the story we did not choose It at the time, It was – I know sounds like a cliche – the one who chose us. At the same time, I have the firm conviction that his greatest mission in this life with me apart from being unconditional was to be my guardian angel; filling out the sad and difficult days with light and obviously enjoying ourselves more in the beautiful ones.

Source – Ring By M. Agudelo

To my adoration, to my Beni of my heart – as I used to say with affection – I remember and miss It every day since we separated and I wish It many wonderful things in its new life, among them: to has a good health and many more years ahead; keep that sweetness and unique personality (because of the Bull Terrier it is only in the appearance and name of the breed); delicious tanned days (It’s his favorite activity) at his new “school” and home, and endless hours of games with his new puppy friends.

Source – Ring By M. Agudelo

Undoubtedly this story did not end as I had imagined it, but life was very generous with me and gave us the opportunity to enjoy several months like never before; for me – and for the well-being of the two of us-  giving me the courage to say goodbye and let it go.