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About me

For as long as I can remember, I have felt a strong attraction to fashion and design world; this, hand by hand with my essence, has taken me on a path to find my true self, my style, my DNA … this has led me to become an observative woman, dedicating much of my time searching for unique spaces that let me appreciate and enjoy their charm, colors, textures and materials.

That attraction and curiosity gradually became my passion and a large part of my life, that’s why I decided to create this site. This is how – going against my own fears and insecurities – I dared to develop this blog, to write (when I always thought numbers were my thing), to take pictures of myself (although the only thing I have to model is my spirit), and step by step I convinced myself; I understood that I should share my passion with people alike, who felt the same affinity, or some of it, and thus connect through our tastes.

The result is Ring, my vision of fashion, design, and life (or at least, the part that’s most worth it to me). From a real perspective, from my daily life, without perfections or prejudices, I share experiences, intimate advices, tips from some trips, ideas, suggestions … everything I really love and also feel is very useful for many.

Welcome to our Ring world! A universe of fashion, travel and lifestyle; created by a real woman, for real women.