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First half of the year in fashion

About five years ago I started to see from my amateur corner this world of fashion with greater detail and sensitivity; I understood several things… like that there is an American company – Pantone Inc. – that in 1963 created a system of identification, comparison and communication of color. To put it shortly, they created codes to facilitate communication and to reduce the margin of error when producing something that implies precision in color: fabrics, paintings, illustrations, graphics, web designs, logos, posters, among many others.


However, the company not only standardizes, but also dictates since 2000 the color of the year. For this industry, beyond setting guidelines or imposing trends on designers, this serves as a starting point and as an invitation to make a broad reflection of what we will see during the following months on the fashion runways and on the street (commonly known as the Street Style).

At the beginning of the third month of the year, with the ultraviolet as the color for this 2018 and in the middle of the Fashion Week in the most important capitals – New York, London, Milan and Paris – I leave these five trends for the first semester of 2018 and that I would undoubtedly use:

Pink & Red: this unthinkable combination (or at least for me) comes this season breaking all standards and flooding the networks with multiple combination options, tonalities and adjustable to any occasion.

Fishnet: trend that we are seeing since last season and that comes with greater strength not only in tights, but also in bodies, blouses, bathing suits and other garments. These can be worn with skirts or under pants or jeans, with boots, heels, flats, mules or tennis.

Vichy Print: composed of different colored squares (black, red, blue, among others) with a white background. We find it in skirts, dresses, shirts, shorts, pants and jackets. It can be used in a single garment, in a total look, in combination with flowers, stripes or polka dots.

Denim: always present season after season, sometimes in a subtle way and others with an overwhelming force as in this, with irregular cuts, fringes, uncooked, torn or with appliques or patches. During the following months we will see the transition from skinny jeans to straight trousers or with a bell boot.

Pijama Look: set that leaves our most private and intimate to be the star and monopolize all eyes. Try to keep the same pattern on both pieces – shirt and pants – and combine it with heels or tennis and contrast it with jewelry. The print can be the one of your preference … with flowers, stripes, smooth … with classic and feminine cut … or even a more masculine style.

These are already being seen on the web and physical stores; however, my recommendation before going shopping is to check your closet and adapt what you already have. Refresh your ideas through Pinterest, 21 Buttons and other platforms that let you let your imagination and creativity fly. But, above all, do not rule out any trend, «Never say never», and please do not let yourself be carried away by extremes.