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A gift from me to me

For a couple of years, and according to my possibilities in economic terms, I have done something special for special dates (birthdays and Christmas): I would give myself a gift that would leave me with a memory of how magical those days can be. The search for this became a ritual; weeks prior to the date I start looking at the extensive possibilities at hand with Instagram, websites of different brands, actual stores and of course I look for inspiration in other blogs.

However, the search can be endless, so when I put myself to the task, I put into practice the following premises:

Establish a budget and try not to exceed it.      

Find an easy-to-match garment or accessory that I can use with pieces that I already have in my closet.      

Ensure me that it serves me for different events and occasions.      

Remember always: I’m looking for quality, not quantity.      

Find a different piece, with style and that excels what I already have.      

Support Colombian talent. 

This year the election came as a ray of illumination (Instagram gave it to me) and without thinking much it fulfilled each of these points. Less than a month before my birthday and because the good must be shared, I share my gift – which I received this week.

This garment – made with passion, love and a lot of dedication – is a creation of the textile designer with specialization in embroidery techniques Ana María Restrepo, the talent behind AMARPO – a brand where art, color, textures and, of course, embroidery are always present.

AMARPO seeks to unite fashion and lifestyles with art, through the creation of embroideries and prints to achieve magical pieces that reflect the taste and meet the expectations of customers. These creations seek to tell a story with high artistic, artisan and cultural content, achieving unique and original pieces where – above economic reasons – there is a sentimental value.

My experience was a trip of emotions and my purpose was to turn a basic vest from my closet into something unique, that I could treasure for several years by giving it life through color. The result not only fulfilled but exceeded all my expectations; a piece full of colors where my personality and my taste are reflected, with an impeccable quality, excelling embroidery of flowers and stars with different manual techniques including crochet and – what’s even better – rhinestones to give a 3D effect.

To put on my brand new vest (because I could not wait until my birthday) I put on some jeans from H&M, a white shirt from Uniqlo, my Stan Smith from Adidas and Candy Bag from Furla.