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Colombia, a paradise for jewelry lovers

Speaking of Colombia, there’s a lot of things we can talk about: fashion, art, tourism, sports, precious stones, music, food, fauna, flora … and the list of aspects that highlights our country can increase.  However, in this post I want to underline the talent of Colombian jewelry designers.


When we refer to a jewel we refer to the idea that they are ornamental objects that are usually composed of metals and precious stones, and their purpose is to adorn our body; complement our outfits; and give an indication of our status.  Nevertheless, and as time as gone by, these conceptions have been changing.

Today – and more specifically in my country – we find pieces with avant-garde designs, a mixture of techniques and materials. Through the use of these jewels each person seeks to express the deepest of their being and personality … or at least that’s what I do, I look for pieces to which I identify to… pieces I can reflect to, and in some way,  they become an extension of what I am and how I’m feeling.  The following brands not only exalt Colombia’s innovation and talent, but also set trends at local and global levels. Lucky me, these have been my allies and companions in my day to day life, and they have also accompanied me on my special dates.

Daniela Salcedo, is a brand that bears the name of its creator; Daniela is from Cali and with her work and shared stories in her personal Instagram account we can see that she seeks to captivate us and invite us to be authentic people; to lose fear and take risks not only in terms of fashion, but also in the way that we see life and we take it daily.

From Medellín with Pajarolimon Jewelry, we can delight ourselves with fresh, unique pieces that seek to emphasize femininity.

Creations made by hand and loaded with love, emotions and lots of color; this is how I define Pequeñas Indulgencias. These are unique pieces to commemorate all the experiences and leave them for later generations.

The recipe for the next brand is exclusivity, art and tons of design; Turmalina & Durando, takes care of every detail and puts special emphasis on color to create original and sophisticated jewelry, above all elegant jewelry.

With timeless pieces By Claudia Trejos, seeks to empower women, allowing them to look more radiant and imprint their passion and creativity in everything they do.

Especia is a brand full of romanticism and sophistication. Although its strength has been clothing, lately in there stores you can find new accessories with lots of style, exclusivity and a mix of textures – which is difficult to resist … going out with a great style and looking cute is something that tends to happen with this brand.

These jewels are made 100% by Colombian hands – By At – I found out about this brand recently due to a very special gift I received for my birthday. I was captivated by the way this brand applies color in one unique piece, achieving not only to stand out but also giving harmony and becoming the perfect complement for an outfit.

If you loved the previous brands but you want to continue exploring this fascinating world … and because good things should always be shared, I leave you with some other options that are on my radar and that perhaps someday I can see through a small gift to myself… definitely, Colombia – in addition to many other good things – is a paradise for jewelry lovers: