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Window dressing, the art of displaying

Four years ago, for the Christmas season, I visited New York – for the second time, and hoping this number keeps rising. During this trip I understood that there is a set of techniques and strategies derived from advertising and design, better known as Vitrinism (or Visual Merchandising), that when displayed it seeks to captivate consumers not only to execute a purchase, but also to create an entire experience around it.

I use sight more than my other senses, so I just fell in love and simply enjoyed looking to each window I passed. I confess that I would have loved to enter and buy the whole store; however, my budget did not allow this type of shopping, there was not a chance of opening one of those doors to enter to this wonderful world.

My only option (which I have already mentioned), and that I loved and continue doing every time I come across this type of mega creations, is to stand in front of the exhibition and not only stay with that first impression, but dedicate a couple of minutes to detail it and try to understand the message that wants to be communicated (beyond just a purchase). So, I let myself to be inspired and I begin to visualize how I can put all those ideas into practice, either in the selection of my outfits with existing clothes in my closet or decorating parts of my house that are suitable.

Not knowing much about the world of arts or it variants, these scenarios are filled with creativity, and you can perceive foundations of architecture, painting, photography, sculpture, Hollywood, theater, etc. In these places the product (clothing, accessories, household utensils, movie characters, among others) enters as the final element of the story, to connect with the consumer – or in my place, the viewer.

In this post I leave you these pictures; which I have been collecting during my trips, and I invite you to take a break in the day and look for similar sources of inspiration in your environment; to fill your head with ideas and put them into practice not only for you, but for those around you – creating moments and unique spaces.