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Empowerment through the art of dressing

As I told you in one of my first posts on the blog – First half of the year in fashion– 5 years ago I started to explore the world of fashion with a greater detail and sensitivity, and it does not mean that before I did not pay attention … of course yes! However, I did it in a naive way and from a total ignorance. Today, with more experience about the industry, system and my personal experience, I want to share what empowerment has been for me through the art of dressing.

Fuente / Source – Ring By M Agudelo
Source Ring By M. Agudelo

To begin, it is important to talk about empowerment; a term that increasingly becomes stronger, but to which we do not give greater importance … the reasons vary, however, are not the main purpose for this entry. From our gender, this is a tool that allows us to raise our voice, beliefs and convictions to achieve purposes such as recognition, equality and equity.

SourceRing By M. Agudelo

However, you will be asked why fashion (considered by many as a frivolous and superficial topic) can contribute to empowerment and especially to women; in my case, in many stages of this path called life, my mind and body manifested in different ways asking for changes … sometimes shouting, sometimes with less intensity … and somehow I found how to stimulate and nourish my soul and quiet my mind temporarily; even so, internally, a radical change was demanded, so one day – yes, as it is, any day and from nothing – I decided to be the protagonist of my own history, improving my interior, and part of the internal development rises the outside.

SourceRing By M. Agudelo

In this process of self-knowledge, attending to my interests and listening to what for months or even years have been manifested to me by friends and family helped me to conclude that fashion through the art of dressing – and is an activity that we carry out daily and with limited pieces, is a total art – it was my vehicle of empowerment. The journey has been long, it required a lot of self-love, study, reading, knowing myself, identifying my style … but above all, cultivating the virtue of patience. I constantly review and recognize my strengths to reinforce them, and my weaknesses with the courage and purpose of turning them into something positive for me and, of course, for those around me. Likewise, I seek to be faithful to my convictions and I try to be strong with the discrepancies I have regarding this discipline, among which feminine empowerment is given through the acquisition of expensive pieces – my opinion is NO.

SourceRing By M. Agudelo

This is how this blog was born. Its construction took place not only as a hobby, but as the effect of this empowerment, where I challenge myself and allow myself to share my passion and my way of living it, as well as an understanding, interpretation and evolution of taste and aesthetics in this changing world of Fashion. Today my motivation is to continue giving shape and strength to this site, it is to lose the fear, it is to take risks, it is to continue learning and discovering to share and inspire (I hope soon) the women of my family where the gender predominates, for a very high number, my friends, and why not you?

Source –  @lupe_foto

¡Ring, Ring!

My invitation is that you lose your apprehension and use fashion as a vehicle for empowerment. Know well what you have in your closet and identify your style, get rid of those pieces that you do not use from long time ago; look frequently for sources of inspiration; be selective when buying; and be very conscious about the environment where you spend the most part of your time.