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In the world of fashion, the seasons tell stories

In the world of fashion, the seasons tell stories and for those who are not very familiar with these, the industry manages two main seasons, dividing the year as follows: Spring / Summer and Autumn / Winter. Season after season each designer faces the challenge of creating pieces that together make up what is commonly known as a collection.

Source – Pinterest

Each collection tells a story, as a result of exhaustive and in-depth research, that’s usually based on a source of inspiration; if you pay enough attention, you can – in most cases – perceive a common thread between piece by piece, whether using colors, volumes, shapes, textures, materials, among others.

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Recently the official start of the fall season took place in the world of fashion; it usually lasts until the end of the year and usually you can see – without necessarily being a straitjacket – monochromatic outfits; conformed by several garments – layering; accompanied by closed shoes such as boots and tennis; as well as accessories of moderate size.

Source vogue.es

However, in this world of fashion there are no absolute rules, and nothing is written, so I leave you some of the trends that are being seen in the main low-cost stores, in Street Style and in the runways of Fashion Week that just closed in the most important capital cities – New York, London, Milan and Paris.

Source vogue.es

Intense colors:

To about autumn is to talk about a classic range of colors, such as brown, black and gray; but on the other hand Pantone – a company I’ve already told you about here – strives every season to compile colors that stand out in the collections of the most renowned designers of the London Fashion Week, and thus provide us with more options that allows us to be at the forefront and – in any way – find harmony between the classic and the unexpected explosion of colors.

Source Pantone

The color chart for the upcoming months is compiled in the guide ¨Pantone Fashion Color Trend Report London Fashion Week: Fall / Winter 2018¨, they present a proposal of 12 original and exuberant colors, as an extension of the classic 5 tones.  Take a look and identify those that best suit your personality, that you like, and that match what you already have in your closet; then create monochromatic outfits or combine them together achieving unique blends.

Source Di Lei


Also known as «the art of superimposing layers», it does not have a formula of success as such; with this trend you learn by trying, trying and trying. Try a mix of textures, volumes, colors and patterns. In terms of volumes, your best ally is a statement belt that allows different levels and depth in your look; regarding the colors, the invitation here is to apply your own common sense and everything learned in relation to mixtures, in you have doubts refer to sources of inspiration or your favorite bloggers; in things related to textures, try to have them in the same color tone or colors in the same color palette.

Source Pinterest

Animal Print:

Unleash your look with animal print garments and do not do it exclusively with leopard prints, challenge the status quo and look for snake, zebra, crocodile or – why not – tiger prints.  When I say challenge, it is through large-scale garments or more than one garment with this pattern per look.

Source Grazia Daily

The options to wear this pattern are endless: coats, jackets, boots, bags, pants, dresses, etc. Even so, if you are not careful it can be a complete disaster; avoid mixing it with other prints, combine it with basic colors and – my favorites for this trend – use red accessories and a good leather jacket.

Source Pinterest

Get maximum clarity with a Total White look:

Although this trend is associated with summer, with areas where the heat and the tropical weathers predominate, it’s also with us in the last months of the year.  Elevate your look and look chic (more ideas here) mixing textures, using pieces with volume or different cuts and combine it with accessories in metallic colors (preferably silver and gold) or in the range of colors available for the season.

Source Bekia Moda

¡Ring, Ring!

The surprise of the season for me are the cowboys or texan boots; you can find them in a mixture of textures, bright colors and motifs that transport us to a fantasy world.  These are the perfect combination with short or party dresses.