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How to raise your look and look chic?

I feel great astonishment when, in different social networks or in person, I come across working women who are kind, with a good sense of humor, and of course who are fashionable. From the minimalists to the most daring, I feel deep curiosity to understand their interests, motivations and sources of inspiration; which are the basis for achieving perfect combinations in their different outfits. I hope this question is rolling in your head: How to raise your look and look chic?

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When I point out to be fashionable, I refer to women who have identified their style, who have a clear sense of their limits and are faithful to their essence. These are women that don’t let themselves be carried away by excesses, don’t need to carry entire season catalogs and definitely do not get carried away by the interests of the different brands.  These women captivate glances and make a positive impact every time they attend a commitment – to me, they are gurus. If you want to take your looks to the next level and steal several sighs, I give you the following tips:

SourceRing By M. Agudelo

Don’t be afraid of sparkle:

Many, not to say most, women have the ill-conceived idea that bright / sparkling clothes are exclusive for evening events. If you want to stand out, as well as explore new combinations and let your creativity flourish, use a piece with this feature (shoes, accessories or a skirt), combining it with others that help you to find a balance.  Analyze the type of plan you are going to attend and follow your hunch, whether or not it is appropriate to take this small risk.


Bye LBD, Hello pantsuit!:

Perceived as a garment only for men, the pantsuit is breaking paradigms and has been stepping strong on the different collections of brands like ZaraMassimo DuttiMangoStradivariusCalvin Klein, among others. You can choose monochromatic, stamped or a mix of textured pieces; combine it with a body, crop top, printed shirt or statement belt. Use it for any occasion, regardless of the time of day, and rest assured you will always be in style with this bet.

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Red lipstick:

How to raise your look and look chic? Red – among its different attributes – is considered the color of sophistication, so use a lipstick in this tone and seal your look. This is a choice that will not make you fall into monotony and will reflect the security you have in yourself. As I indicated in a previous post (Here), always opt for discreet and fresh makeup, giving more attention to your lips. Do not forget that the range is quite wide and that the tone that suits you best should be consistent with your hair and skin color.


Shoes with reasonable height:

This accessory with midi height is the right choice for long days that include activities inside and outside the work environment. Keep in mind that this option can result in a success or can simply destroy value to your look, as well as all of your efforts to look radiant and sophisticated. That is why it is so important to spend a few moments and not make decisions in a hurry.


Colombian brands such as Johanna Ortiz, Leal DaccarettNora Lozza , Mercedes Campuzano and SANANGEL SNG, are my favorite ones and have multiple options; they are comfortable, practical, feminine and with different prices according to each budget.

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Always, your main and most powerful accessory, is the attitude; with a good smile show your personal touch each day and those that require extra effort.