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The beloved leather jacket

The leather jacket is a piece that has been present in my closet for years (and considered by many, a basic wardrobe); although sometimes this garment is not a trend, it is very difficult not to use it and get the most out of it. With a long history, army members and aviators initially used this versatile icon; with the passage of time, the leather jacket was seen as a symbol of rebellion – having greater acceptance in actors, musicians and later by models.

Its use was sought to break precepts; even so, the French designer Yves Saint Laurent gave a twist to this garment, made it shine and put it on our radar in 1960 in a Christian Dior collection release. Today we can find it with different cuts, lengths, colors, combination of textures, appliques, etc.; also, there are other jackets of diverse materials that are friendly with the environment.

I wanted to bring this topic not only to find out a little bit about the origins of this piece, but also because in my circle of friends and in my family environment I constantly hear that they do not know how to use it; how to combine it in a favorable way and wear it in special events or occasions. I leave these ideas, having the leather jacket as a main item for different events:

At work:

  • Achieve an elegant outfit with a skirt of simple design and a blouse and heels in neutral colors.
  • For cold days, the best option is formal pants in neutral color, with a jersey in primary and intense colors. You can close this look with a pair of heels of medium height.
  • A short and loose dress (yes, keeping the proportions and making sure it is not too high), along with my favorite combination for this option: thick-heeled booties and good tights.

¡Ring, Ring!

Do not forget your company’s dress code, but above all remember the type of work you do and the labor relations you build day by day. Stand out for your style, without needing to call unnecessary attention.

For an event:

In the day:
  • Select a monochromatic outfit (a single color from head to toe). To elevate the look, add stilettos and mini jewelry.
  • A white shirt (it is also a must in your wardrobe) combined with black or gray pants, gold accessories and flat shoes (preferably comfortable and stylish).
  • If you want to look casual, wear your favorite jeans and a printed t-shirt, depending on the type of event mix this look with tennis, heels, boots, flats or mules.
In the nighttime:
  • Look irresistible with a pencil skirt with a seasonal print, shirt or t-shirt and contrasting heels.
  • Impact and show your sexy side, wearing a lace top, skinny pants (jeans or leather) and a pair of boots.
  • Come out of your comfort zone, taking your favorite shoes or boots with a long dress – this fabric can be lace, two-tone, with romantic touches, or with a colorful or floral pattern.


  • Even if your budget allows it, do not buy several models; look for one that highlights the best attributes of your figure, keep it simple, with a classic cut and an easy color to combine.
  • Search among your belongings jewelry, handkerchiefs, brochs, sunglasses, hats, belts, scarves, among others. The right accessories will give you the possibility of adding the perfect twist to your outfit, depending on the occasion.
  • If the leather jacket is not within seasonal trends, incorporate it in your looks mixing it with trendy pieces.
  •  Your clothes deserve the best care and this type of material even more, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations to avoid staining, losing its shape and / or color or cracking.

The photos of this post were taken from the network and the post Travel & Living: #SantosDeCartier in SFO, from one of my favorite bloggers @sisterlystyle