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The best care for our clothes

As I mentioned in one of the tips of this post – The beloved leather jacket, we must identify what is the best care for our clothes in order to extend its durability; and this is not only summarized at the time we clean or wash it, but also when it is time to use it and put it away.

Many will think with the previous lines that I am a little crazy, why dedicate time and effort to these pieces especially in the era in which we are, where the life cycles of these always shorter? For me it is very simple, I know that nothing is infinite or lasts forever, but the care I give to my clothes focuses (as I said) in extending their life and preserving their appearance; this way I can treasure those pieces that were searched and acquired with so much effort for a little more time.

Below, I give you advice so that you take the best care of your clothes and keep it almost like new:

  • Pay attention to the labels: One of the most frequent errors is to ignore or not follow the instructions of care and washing that come on the labels.
  • Let your clothes dry naturally: Although having a dryer is always useful, especially in a city where the weather changes from sun to rain or vice versa as the day goes by, in my house it is only used to dry duvets, linens and towels. Once washed, my clothes are hung and allowed to dry naturally in a space where the air flows.
  • Use a garment several times before washing it: I must be honest, I use a garment several times before washing it, however, before putting it in my closet I let it air out.
  • Have several outfits to be at home: I have between 2 or 3 outfits to be at home, the main reason, and leaving aside comfort, is to avoid damage to my clothes because of the sudden games and claws of my beautiful and beloved Bull Terrier – Benito.
  • Reacts quickly to spills or splashes of liquids or food: When you have this type of accidents act as soon as possible; this way, prevent stain and / or damage to the fabrics. The more you wait to eliminate, the lesser the chances to make it happen.
  • Store clothes carefully: For clothes that hang, use hooks that do not exceed the width of the shoulders (Example: dresses, jackets, sweaters, shirts, blouses, among others); for clothes that must be folded make sure to stretch them well and follow the direction and length of seams (if you want to know more about organizational methods, I recommend you follow Marie Kondo); if you have limited space to hang – like me – rolling up (jeans, shorts, pants or jeggings) can be your salvation.
  • Burn or trim loose threads: Do not ever try to pull them out and finish with the hems and seams; in case the seams have lost a lot of stitches, you should consider the option of fixing it and not let the problem go any further.
  • If you invest in a bag, take care of it: Keep its shape with fillings, leaving considerable space for storage; use a cotton bag, although you may think it is unnecessary, it serves the purpose of isolating your piece of dust and other elements that may damage it.
  • Do not stack your shoes: Avoid deformation or damages; if you love shoes but you have space problems, look for accessories available in different materials that are special to store them. Do not forget to clean them from time to time, and keep in mind the eventual change of heels covers and soles.
  • Leave your accessories in the hands of experts: Accessories may perfectly complement your outfit. Remember to keep them organized and if necessary in their compartments or special bags, in order to prevent cracking, loss of color or total damage. When it comes to fixing or cleaning them, it is very important to leave this activity in the hands of experts.

¡Ring, Ring!

I invite you to take two clothes out of your wardrobe for each new piece you buy, if you have the necessary care with these you can give them to relatives and / or friends or donate them so other people can get the most out of them.

Some of the photos of this post were taken from the Internet.