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Trends in jeans for 2019

The jean was created at the time of the gold fever in the United States, specifically in the state of California by the German Levis Strauss in partnership with Jacob Davis; its purpose was to satisfy the need of the workers through trousers that could withstand heavy work and their pockets full of gold stones. Over the years this piece went through several transformations to stop being a work item and become the most versatile piece of the closet.

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Over the years this piece has evolved, amalgamating a variety of styles that fit all type of bodies, events and of course tastes. Here I leave those who will be protagonists in this 2019:

Bootcut Jeans: 

They are characterized by being tight at the top, gain amplitude in the knee and finish in a bell. This cut suits fine tall women; however, for women with medium height like me that like to use this type of trousers, we can combine it with high heels or ankle boots – preferably with a slim heel – helping to stylize the body shape and create the effect of long legs. Find the balance using garments that fit the figure on the upper body and that go inside the pants.

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If you are a woman with a wide hip, select a pair of pants in a dark tone with a moderate bell, balance it with some high shoes and a shirt or top that accentuated your waist. Whatever your case, the jeans should have the indicated length – the ideal scenario is to cover a considerable part of your shoes.

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Mommy Jeans: 

They differ by having an eighties look, they are adjusted at the waist, high waisted, loose in the area of the hip and thighs and narrower to the height of the ankles. Combine them correctly with basic pieces, since this type of cut intercedes for comfort; Give it a differentiating touch with accessories and statement pieces.

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Combine it with a crop top, a blouse or shirt fitted to the body that allows you to accentuate your figure and to get your most feminine side out, choose a romantic cut. As for shoes, heels, mules, tennis, sandals or booties can successfully close your outfit; everything depends on the style you want to achieve and the event you are going to attend.

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Wide Leg Jeans:

They are identified by being adjusted at the waist and hip, then the cut takes a looser line and extends to the ankle. Choose the jean in a tone in which you feel comfortable, this cut can become a little intimidating because of the wide pattern of the fall; It is essential to find the balance by notching the waist by means of a garment of the upper part either semi-fitted or fitted.

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One way to get an elegant outfit without trying too hard is to choose a blouse or a full-length shirt in neutral color, complement it with a simple belt to match or in contrast to the color of the blouse or shirt. To finish your look choose some shoes with a chic finish – preferably heels. On the other hand, if you want something more fun, harmonize the pants with a shirt, blouse, jacket or knitted jacket in a striking tone, your ideal complement is a handkerchief and high heels.

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Straight Jeans:

This loose model adds points to your figure, since it stylizes, lengthens the legs and marks the hips in a charming way. With this type of pants feel confident and leave aside your worries about height, measurements and weight; This cut gives a visual impression of swaying in the silhouette, due to the symmetry in the width from the thigh until the leg ends.  It is perfect for tall, thin women as for those with pronounced hips.

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The length is up to you – personally I love the ones that go above the ankle – combine it with stilettos, flats or booties. It all depends on how you want to look; if you want a sporty style, a printed shirt will give you that touch; for a more classic outfit, a basic shirt and a suit jacket are the perfect combo; for the colder days choose a knitted jacket.

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¡Ring, Ring!

When buying jeans, you will find a wide range, especially with different types of finishes such as acid wash, painter effect, destroyed, broken, among others. Even so, if your purpose is to look stylized, elegant and with a polished outfit; pants in dark tones will help you achieve that effect. Always be clear about which parts of your body you like to enhance and those you’d rather disguise.