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My 5 new styling tips

After a sudden stop for almost a year and a half, a fresh wind begins to cover the air, an apparent normality returns. For some it can be seen as the transition to a new year or the beginning of a period; of course, this “rebirth” is accompanied by an updated list of purposes and objectives to be achieved; Well, at Ring By M. Agudelo we love to see your evolution as a woman, as well as the achievement of each of the goals that you set for yourself. For this reason and having the firm conviction that fashion is the best ally when it comes to contributing to the materialization of each project, today I bring you my 5 new styling tips, so in this way, you have the necessary tools when it’s the time to dressing, matching the pieces or projecting yourself; maintaining customization and contemporaneity.

Having the ability to match in the correct way the different pieces every day to establish an outfit that is elegant, also comfortable and with a unique or at least differentiating style, can be frustrating and difficult to conquer. In a previous post (here), I had already shared a couple of tips to take your looks to the next level, today I share some new ones that I am sure will help you find your best style and you can feel attractive, elegant and at the forefront. Surely, at the very start on, one or the other may seem very subtle or with little impact, even so, these useful tips will transform the way you dress every day.

Through this option you can achieve bold results and give an outfit a twist or a new life, and let’s face it, once we create a look that we like and it provides us with well-being and security, the detachment and taking new risks costs … It costs a lot. So when choosing each piece keep in mind: 1. Select a key garment; 2. Pieces of a look with different patterns must have a common color, a matching color palette or a complementary color palette; 3. You can change a patterned garment for one with textures; or 4. A look that retains the same type of pattern, but presents a small variation in its size with respect to each of the pieces that make up the outfit.

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This proposal allows you to highlight the layers of a look, highlight the overlays or give an air to a monochrome outfit. This classic is based on putting only the front part of the shirt, t-shirt, or jacket inside the garment that you have at the bottom – skirt or pants. This is how by marking the waist you can give a stylized effect to the silhouette and an elongated appearance.

The golden rule to achieve mastery and sophistication

Put your perfectionism aside and forget about symmetry, the more subtle, accidental, or effortless it seems, better.

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Use the belt, the accessory that always stylizes and defines the silhouette. Opt for basic or classic colors, however, the differentiating touch is in the buckle, so take your time when choosing this element. Always keep in mind that it does not have to match the piece on which you are going to superimpose them, on the contrary, the ideal is that there is a contrast between each element. It reads very simple and without much impact, however, it is an effective and immediate resource for you to raise the level of your outfit, especially those conform of basic pieces either of the same color or under the same pattern.

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Do not leave for tomorrow what you can use today!

Life is passing us like this: this to use for work, that for a special invitation, that I wear it for a plan with my friends, to exercise … Stop classifying each of the pieces in your wardrobe for an event, look at it as a whole and mix the casual with the party pieces, the sporty with the sophisticated ones and whatever compositions you can think of. The idea is to enjoy and use what you have, beyond always being perfect.

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The magic and final step to seal all your outfits is when adding the accessories and complements. These ranging from jewelry, through bags, hats, sunglasses, scarfs, scrunchies, among others; they have the powerful ability to transform a look. Take small steps that allow you to find the balance between each of the pieces of your outfit and the accessories; You will identify that good balance when you wear outfits that make you feel confident, secure with yourself and in general, as I mentioned in the introduction to this post, guide you to find or define your style.

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¡Ring, Ring!

Start playing with each of these styling tips (both, the new ones, and the old ones) and combine them with each other, in this way you identify which mixes works for you, create your own rules and put together your looks quickly. You also avoid running in the morning, being late for different commitments and wearing the same clothes over and over again to the point that you don’t even realize it.

The key in fashion is to experiment – try and test – incessantly, treasure the successes and the misses turn them into the impulse to always be in constant progress and improvement. At the end of the day, it is the easiest method to learn and know about a subject in depth, stimulate your senses taking you to a point of permanently perfecting the result.