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A cry for help: official photo for document

On Monday I was at work and I received a message in WhatsApp from an undergraduate classmate who crossed my path again 3 years ago, not only to share a classroom for the second time but also to establish a strong bond. During this time, and without hesitation, she has motivated and supported me in this passion of writing my blog … ahh … and of course, my instinct and my basic knowledge in fashion has exploded, not only to get the most out of her closet, but to be consistent and impeccable in her most important moments – whether personal or work.

Her question (or more than anything, her cry for help) from her point of view was very silly: «the company where I work is changing the corporate image and this implies a new employee ID and of course an updated photo, help me be the least ugly one in the world».

My only reaction at the time was to ask what color the background of the photo was going to be; she confirmed that it was blue. At that moment I had to pause my work activities, and my head started not only to process a lot of information … but to ask several questions and confirm some answers.

The summary and conclusion of this bombardment of data is: (1) This is a very important photo (be it for the employee ID, identity document, passport, driving license, etc.). (2) This photo is the one that people tend to care the less about (or at least me) – we are always dissatisfied and therefore resigned. (3) We can’t change it whenever we feel like it, we must live with it for years. (4) Every time we need to show a document, feelings of discomfort begin to take over our body … and we just want to get it over with.

I took this query very seriously, and before answering my friend (without being an expert on the subject) I applied all my common sense (which is not so common) and investigated a little bit on the Internet. I share the tips – which I gave to her – and hope that at some point they will be helpful:

  • As I mentioned, and as much as possible, it is important to be clear on the background of the photo (white, blue, other). This allows you not only to determine the colors that work best for you, but to choose your outfit previously and not leave improvisations to luck. As a source of inspiration in terms of clothing and color, check out Instagram, Pinterest and other social media.
  • When choosing accessories and complements, choose discrete pieces – preferably timeless – that help complement your outfit and don’t steal the spotlight from you.
  • Choose discreet and fresh makeup, which allows you to show a perfect face – in line with your type of photo. Put into practice all your tricks – or those that you see in social media – and feel free to look pretty. For example, the use of pore minimizer (my favorite, The Pore Professional of Benefit), the inevitable concealer of dark circles and, if necessary, blur the imperfections and decrease the shine of your face with mattifying powder which makes you look radiant. You can also enhance your eyes with a lash and pencil; but do not leave aside your eyebrows – these are most important when defining the expression of your face – and last but not least, seal your look with a lipstick – preferably soft (my obsession these days, La Petite Robe Noire Lip Colour’ink of Guerlain).
  • Do not experiment with your hair, you know what looks good for you and what makes your face look in harmony and brings out the best in you.
  • If you still do not know which is your best angle, you have the possibility to practice in advance – preferably in front of a mirror – and that way you can tell your expressions and define which ones favor you … it is important for you to remember your body’s posture – stand up straight – and that a smile always make you look better.