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My essentials for hair

Since I can remember, the care of my hair has been an important issue in my house. This is because I was born with little hair that lacked strength. My grandmother’s dream – like that of most women – was to have healthy, abundant and shiny hair; and for her, I could not be the exception (today, I thank her infinitely for all her efforts and dedication).

The secret to take care of my hair and to make it looks healthy and radiant not only included three shaved heads (when I was little), zero dyes, little use (and abuse) of dryer and iron; but also, the use of essential and adequate products.  After several trials and errors, I have found the perfect balance and today I want to share the products I am using:

Shampoo and conditioner: when you go to the supermarket and see the shelf with so many options, you may think that selecting one will be easy, let me tell you this is not the case for me.  Finding a product that fits my hair type has not been easy, I still don’t know why, but I’ve had to go through several brands – even trying products made for men, which to my surprise was where I found a combo (shampoo and conditioner) that suited my needs. However, they stopped marketing my option and I had to start again, trying and testing until I found the Ogx brand. Today I use their shampoo and conditioner, both options contain Moroccan argan oil.  Using them every other day has helped me strengthen my hair, while finding the perfect silkiness.

It is very simple to apply, on the damp hair I put a generous amount of shampoo and I massage with the tips of the fingers in a circular way. Once the foam forms, I rinse the hair. I repeat this step for a second time every time.  In the end, I apply the conditioner and close this cycle with a cold-water rinse.

Treatments: in addition to daily care, I try to use twice a week the following masks – that helps to the vitality and appearance of the hair.

  • Pantene, 3 Minute Miracle Restoration Daily Conditioner: it has helped me with the fluidity, vitality and shine of my hair. I use it once a week, it leaves the hair super soft and manageable.
  • Garnier Fructis, Triple Nutrition Marvelous Oil Hair Elixir: composed of avocado, olive and almond and with different uses, it provides brightness and intense nutrition. I also use it weekly and I apply it at night and I rinse it in the morning of the next day.
  • Beef Hand Oil: I use it twice a month and it has helped me to nourish, thicken and stimulate hair growth.  I have also seen its benefits by avoiding the fall and preventing the scalp from drying out.

Before finishing this post, I want to leave some tips that will complement the process to improve the appearance of your hair, and that over the years have worked for me – I hope you put them into practice.

  • Every two or three months visit your hairdresser to remove the damaged ends; return the shape to the cut of your hair and, as much as possible, get a massage to stimulate your scalp while applying treatments to nurture and give it life.
  • When you wash it, remove excess water from your hair with a towel applying light pressure from the root to the tips.
  • At the time of unraveling, use a wide-tooth comb and begin to comb through sections. Once combed, give it the shape you like the most (I always combed it sideways and feel that an inclination to the right favors my looks) and finish it by carefully passing your favorite hair brush.
  • When you use the dryer, tongs and / or iron, use products that protect your hair from the heat and high temperatures that these elements reach.
  • Believe it or not, proper nutrition helps hair growth and strengthening. Include in your menus, and without going to excesses, carrots, eggs, critics, fish (such as salmon and tuna), nuts and of course water.

This post is not sponsored and if you are going to try any of these options, please consult with an expert.