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The cheat meal day, let’s make it worth it

When I started this process of changing my (bad) habits and with the firm intention of looking for a healthy lifestyle and beauty, I believed (as on other occasions) that I had to submit to a regime or super rigorous diet … to my surprise , and from the hand of my food adviser (of who I spoke in this post), it was not like that. Another of the invitations that he made me, going down this road, was to know the food that I consumed regularly and the reason being for each nutrient; as well as their advantages and disadvantages for my health and body.

However, what impacted me the most, and I had never been told before in other processes of change that I had started in my life – also with short-term results, was the cheat meal. This term refers to a meal, or a whole day of the week (this depends on the process that is being carried), when I have the opportunity to eat whatever I want; and I do not have to worry about the calories and the food that I am eating or to have that bitter feeling that I am going to lose everything I have achieved. I can simply consume whatever I want, my greatest temptation, of course, is not part of an endless list of healthy dishes.

Starting this process my main mistake, or greatest fear, was to believe I did not deserve a meal or a day like this during the week. After receiving a full explanation, I not only understood that I deserved it, but that these spaces give motivation to my body and mind to continue with a healthy diet, they increase my energy and enhance my spirit; and my body receives a break, resets and learns to cope with a caloric increase.

Today I take care of myself and pay attention to the nutrients I consume all week long; I drink enough water and exercise at least three times a week. My goal: try to be smart and I make of this moment a reality, and like everything in life with the right balance. Having a cheat meal in a week does not mean eating in an uncontrolled way, losing the notion of the portions and much less cheating the rest of the days.

Speaking of those days, I want to share this recipe that since I was little I loved preparing, and to make matters worse is one of my greatest weaknesses … so it deserves all my effort and commitment … it makes everything I do in the week worthwhile.

Before starting a diet or meal plan consult an expert and some of the photos of this post were taken from the Internet.