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3 days in… Berlin

With today’s post – 3 days in … Berlin, I close this unique experience in the old continent full of anecdotes and adventures. Unlike the other destinations (Amsterdam, Paris and Prague), Berlin – because of its historical context – represented for me a journey from a deep respect.

The dynamic I have tried for several entries back to tell you about my travel experience I broke with this city, and that does not mean that my 3 days in … Berlin did not deserve it, or that this city did not meet my «requirements»… On the contrary, this visit was so unique that I decided not to stick to my dynamics and simply let myself be surprised.

My 3 days in … Berlin allowed me to appreciate its beauty, to learn and reflect on its history and, of course, between destination and destination, to enjoy the best moments of the World Cup – without planning it, we saw the match Germany vs. Mexico in Berlin…  without a doubt, a unique moment.  Visiting this city from a tourist point of view and from my perspective requires for you not to miss: Checkpoint Charlie, the Berlin Wall and its museum, the Holocaust Memorial, the Berlin Cathedral, the Gendarmenmarkt Square with its twin churches, the Brandenburg Gate, the Telecommunications Tower, the Victory Column, the Musems Island (which deserves a separate paragraph), among others.

Berlin has an island in its center called Fischerinsel – Fishermen’s Island. It brings together some of the best museums in Germany and the world. Obviously, our number of days did not allow us to see them all; so we had to choose our favorite ones or those that caught our attention: (1) The Pergamon Museum – one of my questions about this: how did they precisely located each of the wonders that are in it, especially the architectural ones.  THE ANSWER: the concept of this museum was not to build it to house works of art; once the pieces of art were on the island and were placed strategically, the building was built and these sculptures are today walls of the museum.  (2) The Bode Museum: art from the Christian East, sculptures from Byzantium and Ravenna, sculptures from the Middle Ages, Italian Gothic, and the early Renaissance. It also has works of the southern German Renaissance, and Prussian baroque art.

¡Ring, Ring! 

The surprise that this wonderful city had for us was Rotem Fisher a musician and producer based in Berlin, which we crossed the last day while giving a small concert in any street in the city. Do not stop listening to his song B.