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3 days in… Paris

As I told you in my post about Amsterdam (available Here), going back to Paris was on my wish list (of course, heading the top positions) because less than two and a half years ago this city stole my heart, with its romanticism and sophistication. This time, my 3 days in… Paris were a sum of new experiences, walking and walking – until my feet and fatigue did not allow me to carry on – was the best way to get to know and discover those little corners that are always unique, exquisite and glamorous.

Unlike my previous trip, this one had a more local perspective. The restaurants, bars, streets, parks and other spaces that you will see in this publication were chosen and guided by a couple who has lived there for many years. From the deep love they have for us, and taking into account that they obviously wanted this city to be an UNFORGETTABLE part of our trip, I want to share with you the places and sites that not only fulfilled our expectations, they exceeded them.

Where to eat?

Ober Mamma An Italian experience in Paris! With modern spaces and an open kitchen to sit and contemplate for hours and delight the clients. Its charm: the freshness of its products … And the silverware that evokes my grandmother’s house.

On the table: Regina Bella Cia, La Fameuse Pâte À La Truffe & La Parmigiana Di Ciro.

Derriére – This restaurant with traditional French food has a unique and very original decoration in each of its corners. If you have planned to visit it, I recommend you go through it all and in the best style of Narnia immerse yourself in another world through the closet that is next to the bathrooms.

The food, as well as the decoration, was delicious and the desserts – OMG – at the precise point in terms of softness and sweetness. Even so, regarding price, this restaurant is usually more expensive compared to others of the same level and standards in this city … but since we were nearby, it was worth the effort.

Indien Food – I bring you these two recommendations of Indian food, and I want to start with what for me today is one of my favorite restaurants of this kind of food: Restaurant Indien. I must confess that I shed a small tear with the first bite, but I do not feel shame because I had to wait for more than two years to repeat this experience.. and it was worth not only a tear, but a whole crying attack of happiness.

On the table: Chicken Tikka Masala, Spinach Chicken, Rice & Cheese Nan.

Pooja Restaurant It is a small restaurant at the end of the Brady Passage with typical food of this country and at a reasonable price.

Where to have a drink and have a nice time?

If your visit is in a warm weather season, do not miss the banks of the river Seine and buy- or why not bring – wine or your favorite drink, with something to snack, and see how the day falls in the company of locals, one or the other tourist, and good background music.

On the contrary, if your preferences are terraces with a privileged view and a much more relaxed atmospheres, do not miss Le Perchoir. If you are looking for a more elegant and fancy decoration Les Bains can be your favorite, my recommendations: Men – Beer NOAM; Women – The Morning After.

What tours, attractions and places to visit?

My 3 days in … Paris, allowed me to visit tourist and famous places that cannot be missed such as: The Eiffel Tower, The Louvre Museum, Notre Dame, The Champs Elysees, The Arc de Triomphe, The Luxembourg Gardens, Galeries Lafayette, among others.

In the same way I visited other places and enjoy new things like the Montmartre and start a walk around until passing through Moulin Rouge or having a Gin & Tonic and in the background can contemplate The Pantheon; walk on the River Seine on a Sunday and appreciate a tango, salsa or reggaeton dance; to be able to live the music festival – Fête de la Musique, celebrated on June 21st and where the shortest night of the year is taken advantage of and the official start of the summer or simply to get lost in the Luxembourg Gardens and to find in a surprising way the imposing and spectacular Medici Fountain.

¡Ring, Ring!

I have a huge fascination for food and of course the good one, but to not make this post longer and boring I leave you in this part two other options of restaurants that you should not miss if you visit Paris: Les Négociants and Boca Mexa.