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3 days in… Prague

If My 3 days in … Amsterdam could be summarized as PERFECTION, let me tell you that my 3 days in … Prague simply left me WITHOUT BREATH.  Of course, it was not for nothing.  Prague is known as the «City of the Hundred Towers», and it is full of history, rich architecture (Modern, Gothic and Baroque), an immense cultural diversity… Nonetheless, above all, its people stand out for their warmth.

This trip for me was unique and full of emotions – all good ones, of course; I think that time has made me more sensitive, inviting me every day to appreciate and enjoy, experience and taste every detail.  My 3 days in … Prague were like that: full of joy and if possible not to miss any detail – I hope you see this reflected in the photos of this post, which I took with much love not only as a memory of this destiny and trip, but also to share them with you.

Where to eat?

Usually my recommendations are salt food, however, the streets of Prague are flooded with a typical dessert I could not resist – I keep trying to keep my figure.  With this delight I said goodbye to this wonderful city and I really regret having to share it (that almost ended in marital fight) and not buying one just for me. The delight that you see in the photo was bought diagonally to the Swarovski store in the old city on Celetná street, but as I already said they are all over the city.

Pasta Fresca! – This restaurant collects everything related to traditional Italian cuisine in a unique and very characteristic area of this city; serving its guests seasonal ingredients, pasta and fresh bread made at home.  The advantage of this restaurant is that it is located in the old city, a couple of steps from the main square, and without massive amounts of tourists; hence, you can enjoy a quiet time, with a very good and fast service.

On the table: Farfalle with salmon, tomatoes and garlic & Lasagne with grilled vegetables and mozzarella.

Where to have a drink and have a nice time?

Czechs are considered one of the biggest consumers of beer in the world, so in Prague you will find a great variety of them.  We chose to do the beer tour by trying out four varieties available in this city, and getting lost in the beautiful streets of the old part trying to get from one place to the other. That’s how we learned and understood about its elaboration process, the differences between one and another, while laughing at the stories that were being told.

What tours, attractions and places to visit?

3 days in … Prague will never be enough because of all the history and places that surround this city.  That’s why, since we had little time in our hands, we had to prioritize our activities and sites. Taking the Castle Tour and walking through the Mala Strana Quarter – one of the oldest districts and with a very rich history – allowed us to contemplate and learn the anecdotes behind spaces like the Charles IV Bridge; the Castle – with its monuments and its patios, in the third patio and with time in our side we were able to appreciate the change of guard -; the Cathedral of San Vito; the Old Royal Palace; the statue of San Juan de Nepomuceno; the small street of gold; the St. George Chapel; the Island of Kampa; the peaceful and beautiful Church of the Infant Jesus of Prague; and The Wall of John Lennon.

Let me tell you that it is impossible to be in Prague and not want to know every piece that makes up the old city, with its Plaza and Astronomical Clock.  During our visit it was in maintenance and, with great regret, we could not appreciate the show it gives every hour – let that be an excuse to return soon.  But beyond the clock, there are many things to do and enjoy here…  the Church of Tyn – which is the cover of this post-; the Jewish Quarter- along with the history of its Ghetto, as well as understanding that it was from there that Hitler took the idea and replicated the structuring of other Ghettos during the Second World War-; Wenceslas Square; and the stories and legends behind the Nazi Occupation, Communist Dictatorship, the Velvet Revolution and the Spring of Prague.

¡Ring, Ring!

What made this experience unique and absolutely enriching was to meet a wonderful team of tour guides that, although we are a little reluctant to this type of plans, were very respectful on the way they approached and offered us their plans … in the end we ended up doing not just 1 tour, but 3 with them. If you visit Prague and want an adventure told from the passion and love for this city, look for the Unity Tours team.