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3 days in… Amsterdam

Today I want to share my 3 days in … Amsterdam. If you follow me on my social media or visit them frequently, you will know that I paused in my work activities and took a few days off; otherwise, I invite you to follow me: on Instagram; on Facebook; and on Twitter; so that we are more connected and have all the information at first hand.

During these days of rest, I had the opportunity to travel and know cities that I had on my wish list (Paris and Amsterdam) and others that have been a complete surprise (Berlin and Prague); no worries, all up to now have left me speechless and with my mouth open. In the next four entries in this category I will tell you and share my experience in each city and how it was to travel in 3 days (coincidence or not … I do not know, it was the number we stayed in each).

If you saw my post about Chicago (Part A and Part B), you will understand that my dynamics are not based on telling you every day and every detailed activity, restaurant, bar and hotel … here I simply try to answer three questions, which you will realize later, and at the end I leave a general recommendation for the destination.

My 3 days in Amsterdam can be summarized as: excess of bicycles, channels on all sides and an infinite concern on my part for the stability of their buildings; but at the end of the day all this is can be summarized in one word: PERFECTION.

Where to eat?

Cafe Piazza – Small, cozy and intimate; one of the few restaurants in the city with a gluten-free menu. The chosen dish (… and main one in the house) was the pizza: crunchy dough and for my preference in its point, ingredients of excellent quality and in the precise amount. With few tables and a high demand, if you want to go and have a table it is recommendable / necessary to have a reservation.

On the table: Pizza Delize Di Mare & Pizza Peperoni.

Italia Oggi – Food made 100% in the restaurant and with fresh ingredients, once served at the table can be denoted the passion and love with which it was prepared. Its location is central, decoration is simple and it is important to highlight the excellent service and good attitude on the part of the waiters.

On the tableLinguine al Profumo Di Mare, Zuppa Dello Chef & Insalata Tonno E Cipolla.

Where to have a drink and have a nice time?

Amsterdam is full of restaurants and bars where you can sit for hours and contemplate the perfect framings that every corner of this city offers; share with family and / or friends or just give yourself the opportunity to meet people who are in your same plan.

Depending on the time of day, your level of fatigue, and the point of the city you are in; choose a place you like, if you are perhaps lose to the Royal Palace or the shops of Haalremmerdijk, take a break and visit Le Nouveau Riche: a place with a cozy decor, good music and an environment that allows you to disconnect from the bustle of the city, have a drink, and regain strength to continue enjoying (or in my case devouring) this splendid city.

Likewise, one of the main plans offered in this city, and one that you should do, is a boat ride through several of its canals. There are different providers and types.  During this tour you will not only learn about the architecture of the city, but you will know more about its history and evolution.

What tours, attractions and places to visit?

Moco Museum – This visit was not included in our travel itinerary.  Nevertheless, in one of the walks through the city an advertising piece caught our attention and we did not hesitate a second to visit: the artist who monopolized all of our interest was nothing more and nothing less than the legend of Street Art – Banksy. This exhibition will be available until January 15, 2019.

In addition to this, we got a big surprise: we could also appreciate the exhibition of Icy & Sot – A Moment of Clarity (it will be exhibited until the same date). These two young Iranian brothers are nicknamed «Banksy of Iran», their work is not only considered controversial, but it’s prohibited in their own country.  With their work, they seek to reflect the current Iranian society; offering an idiosyncratic vision on topics such as oppression, fame, freedom, war and dreams.

Van Gogh MuseumPlan your visit preferably with time and keep in mind the tickets must to be purchased online. This is a stop that should not be missed to get to know all the work and history around this painter.  We ran with luck and we got to see the exhibition of «Van Gogh & Japan», and experience the influence that this country and its culture had in the development of his work – without him ever visiting or exploring it.

Casa Ana Frank – On this point I will not make much emphasis, only that from my point of view it is necessary to visit it, know the history and not forget what happened. My only recommendation (like in the Van Gogh museum): they only sell tickets online in the following link http://www.annefrank.org.

Heineken ExperienceThose who know me, know that I don’t like beer.  Even so, it’s important to know the history of this brand since it was born and stayed in this city. This is a unique space, created by locals to share it with the rest of the world and the best is at the end of the route.

Red Light District – A unique district in the world, what I’ve heard and has fallen short. If you visit this city, go seek it and draw your own conclusions… and open your mind, so it doesn’t get the best of you mind.

¡Ring, Ring!

While walking through this fantastic city it is very easy to forget all the things that are happening around you all at the same time: cars, bicycles, trams, passengers … be very careful.

Here are two websites you can check if you want to know more about the city or if you are planning a visit: I amsterdam and Visit a City.