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Chicago… the windy city

Chicago … the windy city… once again became «my home» for a week. Today, just like I did about my experience in Japan (Here), I want to share with you how my visit to this city was, what caught my attention the most and give you one or another recommendation that you may find attractive / useful.

It is worth highlighting that this trip was about work-related deal; however, thanks to the final arrival of summer … – Lucky me! – It’s already getting dark later (around nine o’clock at night), and so I was able to take more time in the city and make plans that normally in the conditions in which I traveled before could not be feasible.

When I went to Chicago for the first time – in 2016 – the city managed to captivate me, seduce me and make me smile. Last week – again – I experienced these feelings; even so, nostalgia also came … I felt it on Saturday when I started my trip back home and I was left with that emptiness, with that feeling that it had not been enough, and that I still had a lot to explore, to know and to try.

I cannot say for sure the reason why I grew fond of Chicago (definitely not because of its strong winds), perhaps because of its richness and architectural variety; or for its extensive gastronomic offer – with options for all tastes and budgets -; or its ease to travel through it; or because of the different and varied plans it offers around entertainment, art and culture … or simply it was the sum of all the previous ones.

Without further ado, here are my recommendations:

Where to eat?

The Publican Restaurant Not suitable for vegetarians / vegans, inspired by the simple food of a farm and a simple space that seeks to evoke a European beer hall. Their menu rotates daily and it’s designed to be a shared. With the flavor of its dishes you can denote the high quality of its ingredients, which are local and available during the season, presented in a simple and unadorned way: Barbecue Carrots, Porchetta, Bouchot Mussels & Chocolate Mousse.

Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba – It’s a restaurant located in Lincoln Park, where the specialty is Spanish cuisine and its most popular dish is «tapas». In order to enjoy the multiple options it offers, its menu is designed to share. Served with no pretensions: spinach & manchego-stuffed mushrooms, goat cheese baked in tomato, buttermilk-fried chicken thighs, piri-piri sauce with vegetables salad & sauce, seafood paella (with shrimp, monkfish, clams & green beans).

Acanto With a terrace overlooking the Millennium Park and a few steps from the cultural and art area of Chicago, this restaurant is the perfect choice for lovers of Italian food and wine. Here you can delight yourself with: Cappelletti (cacio e pepe, robiola & lemon), Linguine (littleneck clams, lemon, white wine, olive oil, chili flakes) and tiramisu (please, do not find an apology).

Deep-dish pizza – It’s a variety of pizza with a base of thick, deep, and crunchy bread, filled with cheese and tomato paste. In Giordano’s or Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria you can find the best ones.

Beatriz Market Loop – If you do not have enough time or just want healthy and lighter food, this place may be the right one. You can choose the amount of food you want to consume and make your own mixes; on this site you can find a wide variety of local vegetables and fruits, grains and other preparations from the chef.

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams – The engine of this brand of artisanal ice cream is innovation in flavor and bringing people together; this can be appreciated in their menu, the design of their stores and their packaging; and without any doubt in the presentation of their ice cream. If you find it hard to make up your mind, you can ask for small samples of different options and try them to make your final choice. My favorite is the Wildberry Lavender, with intense lilac color and fruit flavors given by the black currants and essential oils of sweet orange and lavender, which combines perfectly with other options and goes perfectly fine with a piece of cake.

Where to have a drink and have a nice time?

Enjoy the wonderful view of the city in The Signature Room, accompany this moment with a cocktail or beer – women, please do not hesitate to go the bathroom and get a picture or selfie with the wonderful background of the city … the women’s bathroom undoubtedly has the best view of the entire floor.

You can also have a nice time with a glass of wine and good music in the bar of the Hotel W Chicago – City Center and finally do not miss the Palmer House, a hotel of the Hilton chain located in the financial center of the city and only a few blocks from Millennium Park, with a sumptuous lobby bar and with its famous fresco ceiling.

¡Ring, Ring!

Dear reader, if on your next trip you are planning to visit Chicago… the windy city, or simply this post captivated you, Choose Chicago is a website dedicated to visitors. On this page you cannot only find all kinds of options to enjoy the city, but also tools to plan your trip.