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What tours, attractions and places to visit?

In the post of Chicago … the windy city, I tell you about my experience in this city, the places, restaurants and other sites I had the opportunity to visit. However, I did not mention what else I could do because my enthusiasm got the best of me and if I continued, the entrance would have been endless. Today I want to bring you this second part of my visit to Chicago, seeking to answer the following question: What tours, attractions and places to visit?

Please keep in mind that my time as a tourist was limited and that these options are not the only ones, I just want to tell you about the following places:

Millennium ParkThis park is usually open from 6:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m., in its ten hectares you can find several points to rest, have a picnic, take a couple of photos or just contemplate and enjoy their spaces … and why not? its works of art, among these stand out: the Jay Pritzker Concert Pavilion designed by the Canadian architect Frank Gehry, the sculpture Cloud Gate (also known as The Bean) by Anish Kapoor, the fountain Fountain Crown of the Spanish Jaume Plensa and the Lurie garden by Kathryn Gustafson, Piet Oudolf and Robert Israel.

Chicago’s Original Architecture TourThe architectural variety of this city is due to the fact that in 1871 it was hit by a great fire that lasted three days, destroying approximately 6 square kilometers of the city.  Immediately after the catastrophe, a reconstruction process began, involving not only local people but also from abroad-  among them famous architects from around the globe. The result of this effort is the architectural richness and the creativity embodied in each of the buildings… which makes this city a global icon of modern architecture.

During my stay the weather gave way and, as I told you before, the sun was hiding late.  Hence, I was able to do this tour, going to the heart of the city through the three branches of the Chicago River and its history with more than 130 years.

Reckless Records: If your passion is music, you should not miss this store that had its origins in London.  With three points in the city, you can submerge for hours in this almost parallel world and find different treasures on CDs or vinyl – new or used.

LushFor gifts or small details, do not miss this store.  From the moment you enter you can perceive the care given to small details and their invitation to feed the mind, body and soul.

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