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My experience preparing healthy recipes

In these lines I not only want to share two food options for breakfast or snack, but also tell you about my experience preparing healthy recipes. And let’s not lie, now social media channels are flooded with a variety of recipes – either salt or sweet – and of course for me, enjoying food can not only be limited to my cheat meal days – as I told you in this post.

So, with the intention of making my daily meals something delicious and also retaining the healthy side, I paid more attention to accounts dedicated to this topic and that I have been following for several months. Surfing social networks for a few minutes on Instagram and YouTube, I came across two publications that captivated me and were the impulse that I needed to launch myself and prepare healthy recipes.

Spinach Pancakes by @gabyacunatv

What seduced me about this publication was the photo and the ease with which it was described in the caption, so I set out to prepare it on a Saturday and it did not take more than 20 minutes. I tried to follow the recipe to the letter; but I ended up making some adjustments: cinnamon and I are not compatible; I had ran out of vanilla essence; and I changed the olive oil for coconut oil.  I loved the result, and I also added a handful of granola, a splash of maple syrup, strawberries and sliced bananas.

Açai Bowl by Pamallier

This dish – which is in trend lately not only for its benefits in terms of protein and vitamins but also for how delicious it is – I tried it in a restaurant here in Bogotá and from that moment it fascinated me, and I think it’s a very versatile option for the variety of additions you can used with it.