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Chía and Açai

During this process of suppressing foods that do not bring benefits to my body and trying to incorporate others that do, I found Chia and Acai; and beyond their properties and benefits (which are extremely important as we will see later), what has had me thinking lately is how to add this seed and this fruit to my meals or snacks, without falling into monotony and complications.  In case you notice in me eagerness, concern, desire or interest to find different options of healthy recipes and easy preparation; let me give you a piece of tranquility: this can be summarized by two situations.

1. I have already shared it in several publications of this blog … I started a process of changing eating habits and – exactly for a year now – I wake up every day with the purpose and conviction of achieving a healthy lifestyle.

If this is your first time on this blog and you do not know what I’m talking about, let me welcome you and invite you to read the following posts once you finish this one: And how much water do you consume?, cheat meal, let’s make it worthwhile and My experience preparing healthy recipes.

2. I come from a family where good food is our base and engine (now known as Foodie) … from my grandmother to my cousins, of course going through my mom, we love the kitchen and enjoy having good seasoning and preparing different types of dishes … I am not showing off; on the contrary, I share this so you know a little more about me and so you understand where my fascination for food comes from and – when I have the time – why I experiment with it.

Uncovering a package of Açai that I had bought at the grocery store I came across a small recipe book; looking through it I found a recipe in which both elements were used: the Chía and the Açai. The Chía and Açai Flan is easy to prepare, has few ingredients and can be served as a dessert or snack. I share this recipe and, in the notes, you can see the slight changes I made to make it healthier.

This post is not sponsored.  The brands in the images are those that I use regularly and are part of my grocery shopping.